Google Pixel Buds language translation tested


Google says that its new pixel bands can deliver headphones while making headphones with the latest Android smartphone – but how well do they work?

Google’s new pixel books can work with over 40 different languages, and Google plans to add more to that list. In Spanish, French, Malay, Greek, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin and Polish, we took the test with ten languages.

Overall, headphones have performed well, they can not handle multiple sentences in a single sentence, or long, complicated phrases, but they are spot-on for well-spoken primary phrases and questions. Translation takes effect in a few seconds, so when you have an awkward pause while using earbud to communicate with another person.

We also found that when Headphones were translated from English into another language, but not in English for other languages, the translation was more accurate.

So, there is room for improvement, but now they are like that, they work well for simple communication and are at least, very interesting.

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With the assistance of the Google Translate app on your Google Pixel or Pixel 2 phone, your Google Pixel Buds can translate the following languages:


Afrikaans, English, Japanese, Serbian, Arabic, Finnish, Khmer, Sinhala, Armenian, French, Korean, Slovak, Bengali, German, Latvian, Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Nepali, Swahili, Chinese, Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Tamil, Czech, Icelandic, Portuguese, Thai, Danish, Indonesian, Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese


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