Latest Google Home Mini update brings back touch controls for audio playback


who hope to re-enable the top-touch functionality on Google Home Mini will be extremely disappointed with the latest Smart Speakers update, but at least this functionality will be turned towards the side!
If you’re a little confused, here’s the deal. Before the Home Mini was released, it was found that Smart Speakers have been activated thousands of times every day. According to Google, Home Mini’s has behaved like that the Top Touch Control Monitoring has always been activated, so that the search becomes a giant to disable top-top functionality.
Nevertheless, the latest update to Home Mini lets you keep long-pressing sides to end the call, pause and play the music and play any way you calm down. All of these features that were previously operating while at the top touched, but we’re here to see how Google has disabled the area permanently

Honestly, I do not feel comfortable at all. I do not offer discounts to Google, leaving the features on top and using the touch control at the top without finding any way to implement it, but a tap on the middle seems to be a different one than the long-quadruped parties.
Either way, the Home Mini is a device that is used to be used with your voice, any touch controls coming in as bonuses without pre-requisites, the ability to call Google assistants with Tap will not be left – you have to say “OK, Google “or” Hey, Google. ”
The update is coming out now, but do not worry if it is not yet available for you. You are looking for firmware update v1.30, but you can join the preview firmware channel in your hard apps settings.


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