Reliance Jio Will Increase Data Prices In 2018: OpenSignal


The new report said that jio will end the tariff war with existing operators in 2018 and increase data prices in the next year. The GO phase will come after a one-year free 4-day deadline, which has the lowest rates in the country. When the country helped at the top of the Data Saving Chart, there was a fierce battle to retain customers in the telecom industry. In October, when we saw the price of our popular prepaid and postpaid plans in Diwali, we saw the signal; The Joe Prime Subscription Service, which promises to offer the best offer for customers, will end or renew in April 2018.

Furthermore, in 2018, India will gradually move away from the developing 4G nation while riding on the GO wave, and it will remove the necessary problems to make 4G power for full growth, the new report said in a new report. The London-based firm, which is hosting the wireless coverage of a worldwide population, said that the intense price war in the telecom sector of India was discontinued in the market, resulting in cheap LTE services offered by all operators. Than before

“We will continue to see if a 4 year jio bigger driver will be there.” Once free and stepping disconnected data is prized once a year, Joy should increase the price of 2018 yearly so that it can play. For Indian directors, “said OpenSignel Andrea Toth.

In our latest State of LTE report, India has occupied the lowest position in comparison to 77 countries. The average download speed of 6.1 Mbps is less than the average global average of 10 Mbps, the report said.

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Due to the increase in the 4G service and the maximum number of subscribers subscribed to 4G services, there was a lot of pressure on the network, which resulted in a decrease in the average download speed on the board.

Operators are bringing low-cost data plans for the foundation of their customer base, and manufacturers launch cheap 4G smartphones, which can add more parts of the population, the OpenGenald is expected to have 4G availability to maintain its growing project in the entire world.

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