Samsung Just Launched World’s First LPDDR5 RAM, Ready For 5G


Samsung Just Launched World’s First LPDDR5 RAM, Ready For 5G

We all know that at present, the most powerful memory trend is LPDDR4, which is capable of working on an incredibly powerful frequency and can transfer any kind of information without any problem. However, lately, South Korean giant Samsung teased his brain with his LPDDR5 RAM.

Samsung Just Launched World's First LPDDR5 RAM, Ready For 5G

The South Korean giant is far from Samsung’s manufacturer of smartphones, tablets and computers. It builds many components going in these devices and lately, South Korean giant Samsung announced another version of its RAM, now it has scored 8 GB in standard LPDDR5 DRAM and on one chip.

The objective of this silicon memory is to consume less electricity for devices centered on 5G, with the Internet of things and even embedded artificial intelligence. South Korean giant promotes high performance and low power consumption compared to LPDDR4 or LPDDR4X, which is currently available in the most powerful gadgets on the market in 2018.

In order to explain the speed advantage, the manufacturer claims to reach 6400 MB / s on a new chip compared to 4266 MB / s in the standard used in pre-launch equipment. With this speed, you can send 51.2 GB data in RAM in just one second. If you put this amount in 3.7 GB full HD movies (using Netflix or less), RAM may transfer more than 13 films to another time.

In lightning consumption, the new LPDDR5 LPDDR4 uses half of the essentials to run inactive. Altogether, South Korean giant Samsung says that the average consumption of new 10 nanometer dRAM is 30% less than the current 10 generations.

After all, the South Korean giant, Samsung has already been able to produce 8 GB modules in LPDDR5, but the Galaxy Note 9 is still the beginning of hoping for this new memory. DDR 5 standard is still needed to enable scale – enabling new chip for all your customers, because the technical giant apple is one of them.

The current industry standard was released in December 2013 and remains present today in handsets such as iPhone 8 Plus. The Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 use the LPDDR4X, launched in 2017 as the lowest power variant of LPDDR4.

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