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You are here: Home / Android / APK / InstaMOD / GB Instagram Apk v1.60 Download Latest Version (GBinsta🤩) GB Instagram Apk v1.60 Download Latest Version

GB Instagram Apk is the best-modified version of Official Instagram. GBInstagram is developed by one of the team members of Gbmods. The developer named as Atnaf Hoaks made this amazing app for Mod lovers. Also, He introduced the Modified version of WhatsApp called GbWhatsapp one of the popular apps too. Every Mod Introduced by him having tons of Modified features compared to official versions. He always tries to give us the best of the best mods. This guide will provide the download link to the latest GB Instagram Apk.

Instagram is one of the top-rated social networks to share their stories, Images and videos. This will help us to get closer and closer to anywhere and anytime. Isn’t it? Yep! Friends and family everyone will connect each other socially. Even most of the social networking sites started by assuming this theme only. Strangers will start loving you while watching and reading your activities and becomes a follower of you. Meanwhile, this GBInstagram helps you to save the stories, Videos, and photos whichever share by your valuable ones.

Instagram is an application that helps users share images and videos on social media. Instagram is the best platform whenever you want to share images and video and real-time stories. If you are sharing any images, Instagram has some limitations and it is that you can not download images and videos with the help of Instagram. Today, I will tell you about an application called GBNesta which is a great mode and helps to download images and videos on your smartphone.

You can crop images of images and stories easily. This will definitely pixelate the image but when it comes to video, then you can not do anything. Today, I will tell you that you can easily save images, videos and stories on your smartphone without any route. Is this amazing right? Let’s dive in.


The name of the developer of GBInsta is Atnfas Hoak who developed this best application called as GBWhatsApp. Atnfas Hoak worked with Osama Ghareeb and made GBInsta possible and you can install dual Instagram on your phone.

Whenever you install any application on your phone which is modded, then there is one thing which is continuously going in your mind, and that is you will get banned. You can install this application on your phone, and you won’t get any issues, and you can enjoy this app without any ban issues and your credentials will be safe.

If you have the Twitter on your phone, then you will see that you don’t like to increase the followers on your Instagram but with the help of GBInsta, it helps the users to understand who is following you and who is not which is one of the best features and you don’t need to download third party application for that small application.

Problems in Instagram

One of the biggest problem in the Instagram is that you cannot download any images, videos and stories and that is the worst part of Instagram.

When you will install Instagram on your phone and if you want to download any images then, what you need to do is take a screenshot and then crop the image.

Just think that you are having an application which will help you to take the screenshot on the go and you don’t need to crop it or do anything else. This is what GBInsta will help you and download the images on your phone without any external application installed on your smartphone.

How GBInsta Works?

This application is same as Instagram but if you love customization and theming then I will suggest you download this application because personally I love to do customization on my phone and this is the reason why it is the best application.

Download GB Instagram Apk latest version for android

If you have a dual account, then this GBInsta apk will be the best option for you. Also, GbInsta+ has been introduced by the same developer of GbInsta. Gbinsta+ has the same features as like the Gbinsta, but the difference is they have different package names. So, you can use both the apps simultaneously with different accounts.

I have already told you that the features of this GB Instagram Apk are better than Official Instagram. Right? Below we have given the features list of GB Instagram apk. From there you can read all the features, and finally, you will be considered that this GBInstagram apk best option for me over Official one.

NameGB Instagram
Last UpdatedDecember 07. 2018
DeveloperAtnfas Hoaks
Based on71.
TeamGB Mods
Apk Size44 MB
Android Version Required4.0+
ExtrasExclusive Features

Download GB insta Click here

Download Any Content In GB insta Follows Steps:

Features of GBInstagram and GB Instagram Plus.

  • Themes:- There are tons of themes developed day by day. You don’t need to bother about the themes.
  • Highly Customisable:- Change the colours of the home screen of the app. You can change the conversation screen, Main/chat screens, comment screen, Home screen, notification screen and finally profile screen.
  • Copy Comments:- You can Copy the comments
  • Copy Bio:- Copy Bio of someone’s if you love their Biography.
  • Dual Instagram:- If you have multiple accounts then this GB Instagram is the best option for you.
  • Copy/Share URLs:- You can Share or copy URLs of Images or Videos. This will be very helpful when you want to share something.
  • Translate Comments:- Very helpful when you have friends who are from Other than your country.
  • Updates:- This GBInstagram will be updated when the Official one gets Updated. Every update will get some extra features.
  • Root Not needed:- In this mod field most of the mod apps work only with Root. But This GB instal doesn’t need root access.
  • Download Videos and Images:- This feature is the main thing for many of the people who want to download this kinda mods.
  • No Ban issues:- There are no ban issues until now. Hopefully, this GB insta doesn’t get that kind of issue.
  • Zoom profile picture:- In the official one this feature is not available as of now. From this GBInsta you can able to zoom the profile pictures.
  • Video Calls:- Finally added in the version 1.60
  • IGTV:- Now it supports IGTV
  • Add voice note and tag in the story.
  • Added preview of video and images.
  • Many More.


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