Microsoft Just Launched A New App Hummingbird Powered By AI For Android Users

Microsoft Just Launched A New App Powered By AI
Microsoft Just Launched A New App Powered By AI

Tech Giant Microsoft redesigned its completely “News”, which would have more than 3,000 headers across the globe and can be consulted on various platforms. However, according to the latest reports, tech giant Microsoft has just launched a new app operated by AI.

Hummingbirds also require initial setup, in which users can also choose topics of interest and sources. At the top of the curated content, there is a search function that gives users generalized news and some videos that are viral on the Internet

To use the app you first need to sign in using your Microsoft or LinkedIn login information. Next Microsoft asks you to select the news categories you want to listen to. Once you set up your “mix”, you can choose from 16 topics to add to your feed. After its completion, you will see some tabs to choose from.

Microsoft Just Launched A New App Powered By AI

Some can choose from options like politics, entertainment, science and technology, food and food, sports, fashion etc. Anyone can tap on three points that are kept to block the story, dislike it or save it for later to read or share with friends on any other social platform.

Microsoft Just Launched A New App Powered By AI

In addition to the main feed, users will have two more tabs in the interface: the “Search” tab and the “Me” personal tab, where users will have access to their topics, saved articles and history, where they will also have access to the configuration options.

The app is available in the US for download from the Play Store, but users of other areas can try it by downloading APK Mirror for Android.

Once you tap the story, it will take that user to the site where it has been published, but the top banner still retains the social characteristics of the Hummingbird, including dislike, block, save and share. . To add more topics to the feed, there is a ‘+’ button at the top right corner of the app, through which users can add more topics to the feed. To search for stories about a person or topic, one can search using a search tab by which a keyword can search.

Beyond the feed, Hummingbird’s got a search function for topics and viral videos, and a profile tab that aptly titles as “Me” that yields a list of topics you’re following, articles you’ve saved, and your viewing history. The latter is also where you can disable automatic GIF and video playback.

However, this all-new AI-powered new application of the tech giant Microsoft, of course, I am talking about none other than Hummingbird is currently not available globally, so users who can not install it through the Google Play Store can simply fetch the APK file of Hummingbird from here. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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