How To Increase WhatsApp Video Status Limit Of 30 Seconds

How To Increase WhatsApp Video Status Limit
How To Increase WhatsApp Video Status Limit

Recently, many users have asked us on our Facebook page to remove the 30 second video limit in WhatsApp Space status. Therefore, in this article, we have decided to share some best practices that will allow users to increase the limits of Whatsapp status videos by 30 seconds.

Well, if we look around, we will find that instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram etc. are increasing for the past few years. Whatsapp is the most popular of all these instant messaging apps and it is used by millions of users to exchange messages.

If you are using an Android or IOS smartphone, then 99% of the prospect is already using Whatsapp Messenger. Let’s accept that we spent countless hours on instant messaging apps for chatting and calling. Whatsapp already got some great features such as video calling, GIF support, but still, there are some drawbacks in it.

If you hate this limit of 30 seconds, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to explain some ways to post videos of more than 30 seconds in status. By following these steps you can bypass WhatsApp status video limit.


  1. You must have rooted device to use this trick
  2. If your device is already rooted, Download WA Tweaks from here
  3. Install the app manually and open it
  4. Grant root access to the WA Tweaks
  5. Now click on menu from left corner and then select WhatsApp Tweaks
  6. You can see the option of Bypass 30 second video limit for status 
    Download WA Tweaks
  7. Just Tick on that option and click save
  8. Now go to WhatsApp and click on Status then select any video of more than 30 seconds to post
  9. That’s it. You have successfully bypassed the 30 seconds limit.

Method 2:

Splitting the Videos

Splitting the Videos
Splitting the Videos
Splitting the Videos

Well, if you want to share a video status which is more than 30 seconds, then you can consider splitting the videos. In this method, you need to split your video in 30 seconds and upload it in a sequence. Let’s say you want to upload a video of 2 Minutes that means 120 seconds. So, you need to split the video into 4 parts with 30 seconds each. Once split, upload the videos in a sequence.

This doesn’t remove the limit, but it does the job pretty well. The best thing about this method is that you no longer need to worry about account ban or any other security issue. You can use any video splitter apps like Video Splitter – Story Splitstory cutter, etc.

Method 3:

  1. First of all download an app called Video2Me From Playstore by clicking here
  2. Click on install and wait for the completion of download
  3. After successful installation open the app
  4. Now click on GIF from home screen of the app Disable-whatsapp-status-limit
  5. In next step select Video2Gif post-long-video-whatsapp-status
  6. Now select the video of more than 30 seconds that you want to post in WhatsApp status
  7. Click on Right mark and wait for completion of process Bypass-video-limit
  8. That’s it. After completing process, it will save into your gallery
  9. Now go to WhatsApp status and select the GIF that you’ve converted and Click on send button
  10. Enjoy! You have successfully increased WhatsApp status limit without root.


Note: –If you use this method, after you convert the video to GIF, you will not find the audio of that particular video. Even then, it can help you in some situation.

method 4:

Use the Inbuilt Video Splitter of WhatsApp

If you do not want to be dependent on any third party app to split the video, you can use the built-in video cutter to split the video. When uploading the video to Whatsapp status, you will see a timer on the screen. Therefore, you need to choose which video you want to upload.

Use the Inbuilt Video Splitter of WhatsApp
Use the Inbuilt Video Splitter of WhatsApp
Use the Inbuilt Video Splitter of WhatsApp

After selecting the time slot, WhatsApp will automatically cut off the chosen part and will set as Video status. You can repeat the same process to upload a full-length video. So, this is how you can use built-in video splitter of WhatsApp to increase WhatsApp Status Video limit.




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